Not an everyday sweetener…

The goal of our partner in Peru was at the beginning of manufacturing to develop a sweetener with a great potential without any aftertaste.

They wanted to introduce on the market something which is much better than the already sold stevia. Something that combines palatability  with health enhancing features.

He imagineered a new ideal sweetener which is not only safe for our health but possesses other supplementary positive health effects.

Driven by this principle they set up a well equipped high quality laboratory in 2011, serving all needs  and circumstances to achieve  the best possible results.

During research the key consideration was an expressly sweet tasting sugar substitute form, since the almost all of the already marketed stevia products had a bitter metallic aftertaste. They wanted to exclude this aftertaste as much as possible  on a molecular level, and they succeeded 100%.

The rest of the research was carried out in China (the stevia market is  active there for 35 years) and after  finding the ideal cultivation method place they worked out a new manufacturing process. Finally in 2015 they successfully finished Inka Sweet in its present form.

This product is not only a sweetener it is much more than that, there is an added value in it since its regular consumption can lead to the optimization of many bodily functions.