Eden circumstances for stevia

The Inka Sweet raw material is the stevia plant. It is good to know that it is a very picky perennial plant that cannot be planted anywhere. Our partners have plantations in Malaysia. Why exactly there? Well, there are several reasons for this (business secrets), but it is suffice to say that they found the ideal environment there.

  • The cultivation needs 500, 1600 altitude
  • lots of sunshine, not too hot weather, lots of rain
  • relatively moist soil, but not so much that the water accumulates
  • depth of land, in which the plant roots grow comfortably
  • the soil shouldn’t be too sandy, but should have a little bit clay like material that the plant can easily take on water and nutrients.

Stevia extract is made from the crushed leaves of stevia. We cannot tell the entire process because the procedure is under worldwide patent protection, but the process is much the same as usual.

The process is creating a water soluble extract (using pure water). After it is leached from the leaves of the stevia, active ingredients are further filtered, refined and dried.

The end result is a 98% pure stevia powder, the herbal extract reminded to powder sugar. This is one of the sweetest and the purest stevia extracts known. After the last secret step, they manufacture the Inka Sweet.