Any food can be sweetened with it

The Inka Sweet does not coagulate and dissolves fast even in ice cold water. It stays stable on high temperature therefore it can be used if you want to sweeten any of your food while cooking or frying.

  • You can use it
    • In any coffee preparations
    • In your favorite tea
    • in or on any cookies
  • You can use it in your 100% fruit juices, Inka Sweet only improves THEM
  • It does not suppress the flavor of the fruits in the blender  but rather enhances it
  • It is excellent in cold, icy cocktails because it dissolves immediately
  • You can toss up your vegetable juices with it, this way they stay 100% natural
  • You can use it instead of powdered sugar on your favorite foods
  • Practically you can use it for anything that you want to sweeten in your kitchen
  • There is one exception though, that our celeb singer Ferenc Molnár (Caramel) sadly noticed: Inka Sweet cannot be caramelized