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    We love sunshine and life. We are bringing the light down to earth. We want to show you how you can enjoy the sweetness of life without punishment by consuming Inka Sweet products. Take action and join our Sweet & Healthy Revolution!

    Inka Sweet is not only a product for us, it is a lifestyle, a Divine melody, it helps us marinate our bodies and souls into harmony. We eat it, drink it each and every day and we experience its blessing effects.

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About us

“First of all, you have to know that we are a happy couple living in a harmonious connection. We approach the world around us in a positive emotional way, always trying to act from a higher frequency standpoint. Our approach is justified by the many miraculous manifestations we experience each and every day.

It is important for us to follow the breadcrumbs of bliss life is offering, so we can enjoy our steps and everything we do along the way. This is true for our family relationships, for how we treat our friendships and our business connections as well.

We are attached with tight emotional strings to the Peruvian life. Even more than that, we have family relations there, and we met a great new partner too in 2015, the inventor and manufacturer of this sweet healthy white powder. The Inka Sweet Stevia stumbled upon us the exact way we found each other with my spouse, “accidentally”. It showed up itself and prompted us to share its pleasant cooperative and beneficial effects with others.

 Since then we have been consuming it daily just like all our family members, relatives and the majority of our close friends. What could be a better proof to show we honestly think that this product is a game changer, and that it can help us all in maintaining a healthier body, a more conscious mind, and a much higher frequency harmonious life…

We are confident that by building the Inka Sweet ship we will be able to spread the word wider and at a higher speed. We will get more and more people to taste and know this exceptional product, and integrate it into their daily lives.

Long time passed till the last sail breakdown, but we know that the boat’s steering wheel always has to be turned in the NOW and we also know that:

You can live without Inka Sweet but what for… 🙂

Gábor & Judit

Judit Balázs

Judit Balázs

Executive director

Judith is brazenly pretty and witty and not by the way committed to the ethos of "Sound Mind In A Sound Body”. The international connections nurtured by her are growing bigger and bigger week by week. She organizes anything and everything (recently we almost couldn’t stop her organize the Rio Olympics). Whenever she can she throws countless Inka Sweet beefed-up fruit smoothies down on her through.

Dr Gábor Deák

Dr Gábor Deák

Executive director

Gabor is a real adventurer. Although 20 years ago he became a wheelchair driver - as a result of a silly accident - he lives a fuller life than most of us. Besides driving a wheelchair he is a Quad rides driver, motor boat driver, paraglider, horseback rider, skier and a cross country biker. He tries out everything that makes an average Joe pee in his pants 🙂

His motto is:
„Life is to be lived not to be feared!”

Gabor is the imagineer of the company’s future sitting in the captain chair of the Inka Sweet ship and turning the steering wheel with ease. His engine runs with pure Inka Sweet too.

“We control the Inka Sweet ship. In case you have something to say or have a question, do not be shy, hit the green button on the right and leave us a message.”

About Inka Sweet

Click the pictures below in the correct order, and we’ll show you everything you need to know about Inka Sweet.

🙂 Up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, good for people with diabetes too

🙂 The New Sweetener, which is also a functional food supplement.

🙂 The ancient Incas discovered it, dissolves immediately even in ice water.

🙂 There is no aftertaste and it contains minimal amount of calories

🙂 100% organic, even the doctor could prescribe it…

To whom we recommend it to

At the moment, we are in the phase of market introduction, and we are currently expending only in the B2B areas. If you are operating in one of the areas shown on the pictures below, please feel free to contact us. Inka Sweet does not coagulate, it does not have any aftertaste, it is soluble in seconds even in cold environment and can be used at any temperature for cooking or baking. Virtually any food product can be sweetened with it.