Sustaining functional sweetener

Inka sweetener is the world’s first natural sweetener which not only sweetens but nourishes cleanses and keeps your body in balance. Foods and drinks made with it have all the below positive qualities.

100 % organic »

Inka Sweet’s raw material is a plant Stevia Rebaudiana. Attention! Don’t mix up Inka Sweet with other stevia products on the market containing different  artificial ingredients like Erythritol, sucralose, maltodextrin. Inka Sweet is 100% pure & organic.

Indeed, they shake it up with other organic ingredients and this way it is a completely new patented product which is produced with international winning technology. The result is impeccable taste plus a remarkable positive physiological effect.

In short: Sweet pleasure without punishment 🙂

It enhances the body’s optimal functioning »

The 98% pure white powder – produced by plant breeding using the latest technology –  is yet to be boosted by vegetable prebiotic fiber (inulin) and DHA, the most saturated Omega 3 fatty acid. Thank to this the end result  is much more than a traditional sweetener because this way it will have the following beneficial effects:

Inulin fiber

Fiber inulin stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora and simultaneously inhibits the adhesion of harmful bacteria in the intestine. Therefore:

  • It improves the digestive system.
  • Positively influences the pH of the intestinal flora.
  • It promotes fat breakdown and effective absorption of minerals.
  • Regulates the metabolism of sugar.
  • Does not increase blood sugar level, natural sugar substitute, no-insulin is needed to break it down.
  • It may play a role in the prevention of colon cancer.
  • It can have a beneficial effect on vaginitis, candida, breast cancer, food allergy, or in case of heart and cardiovascular disease.

Omega 3

We need Omega 3 acid for normal brain function, intellectual freshness, memory, muscular maintenance of the heart and preservation of healthy vision.

Anybody can consume it even diabetics »

Since Inka Sweet is 100% organic it does not contain by far any sugar cane, or artificial additives, so it is safe to eat for all ages. Children can eat and drink it, pregnant women and diabetics can consume it too. We did not choose the phrase „Sweet Health” in vain. You can stuff yourself to health with Inka Sweet.

It is very low in calories »

0.22 pound 4 times or ten times Inka sweet contains 360 calories, so you have an idea what does it mean:

  • 360 calories would cover the energy need of a guinea pig
  • however for that we would need at least a ladle of Inca Sweet. Considering the high sweetening factor the poor pig should continuously squelch and nothing else would be able to get into his stomach.
  • In short: a small spoonful of Inka Sweetener that we sweeten our tea with contains as much calories as it is in a lettuce leaf but its flavor is sweet as honey.

The calorie content of  the Inka Sweet Φ Stevia (300X) is ZERO.

It does not have any aftertaste »

The raw material (Reb A 98%) of Inka Sweet is subtracted from a stevia spices cultivated by plant breeding under optimal conditions. It is prepared by a world winning technology that allows the isolation of molecules that contain the bitter, metallic taste of other stevia products on the market. Thus by the end of the process nothing left but the perfect sweet & healthy Inka Sweet powder free of aftertaste.

It dissolves easily even in iced water »

Thanks to the already mentioned technology it does not coagulate and dissolves fast even in cold water. Practically it almost completely dissolves before it reaches the bottom of the glass.

It is 300 times sweeter than sugar »

The packages sold by us are available in different densities:  4 fold, 10 fold and 300-fold. This means that we would need 4 times, 10 times or 300 time so much sugar to reach the same sweetening effect.

It is excellent for frying and cooking »

It is stable on high temperature, therefore excellent for frying and cooking.